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Waterloo acceptances/ deferring

A photo of unilife5000 unilife5000
I got accepted to waterloo for their life science biomedical program

the conditions were that i maintain a 77% average

This semeseter has been hell for me, and my marks are going to drop from an 83% to around a 78%

will the university defer me if i drop 5% overall BUT i'm still maintaining an overall average above 77%?
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
Well I don't think they're going to lie...
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You got into the program, now the university says that they want you to maintain a 77%. I'm pretty sure they don't care if you dropped to a 77.1% or 77.5%. You are still above the conditional.

76.9% is another case where they probably will take back their offer.

But make sure that you also satisfy the prerequisite conditions (usually calculus, english and advanced functions being at least 75%)
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