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So I applied for Accounting at Waterloo not the PA one the FM one. And my average is around an 86% right now. Do you think i'd get in?
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Just to be clear, the former Public Accounting (PA) co-op option is now Chartered Accountancy (OUAC code WPA) and the former Financial Management (FM) co-op option is now Business & Finance (OUAC code WFM).

In my estimation, a competitive average for Business & Finance is between 87 and 91.

To receive an invitation to the AFMAA, you need a low-mid 80s average (82-85) and certain marks in the prerequisite courses. Anyone who writes the AFMAA qualifies for acceptance.

So, as you may or may not have noticed, an 86% average is a little bit on the low end. You can still get in if you have a good AFMAA and AIF. Your PM (which I figured I would just answer here so everyone can see the answers) said an 85 average: that lowers your chances even more. With an 85, you would need a really good AIF and AFMAA. I know more PAs than FMs, but I don't know of many FMs with averages not in the high 80s (or even low 90s).

Try to raise that average if you can, and best of luck!
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