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hi, i applied to waterloo afm program.

when are they having acceptances? because i heard the last day to hear from them is may 15th.. but no one is getting it yet. and then just now, my friend said the first day of acceptances START on may 15th. anyone can help me out?
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AFM Acceptances are to be sent out by the end of the day on May 16th. Last year, it was ~8 or 9 pm. The next day you will get an email telling you that whether you got PA or FM (it won't say on Quest). The offers come all at once, other than...

Fellowship. Calls for interviews for the Fellowship program will begin on either May 12th or 13th (not 100% finalized) and are to be completed before May 16th. They must speak to you, they do not leave messages and will call back later if you're not there. If you get a Fellowship call, you are accepted to the program, although it won't show that you have an offer yet (until May 16th as well).
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