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A photo of Novdeep Novdeep
Hi! How hard is the Math at Waterloo's AFM and how hard is the first year for AFM?
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@Novdeep wrote
Hi! How hard is the Math at Waterloo's AFM and how hard is the first year for AFM?

The Math is pretty much high school calc/data with a few bells/whistles. It's fairly straightforward if you do the work.

First year is basically a review of first of high school, although you would want to do relatively well for co-op that starts in 2nd year.
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As Junction said, the math is review. It's functions up until the last 3 weeks or so, when it switches to calc. There's really not anything super complicated, but due to this they put hard questions on the exams. Still, the average in the class is quite high, and if you're a strong math student it should be pretty easy.

AFM 101 (Fin. Accounting) If you've taken Grade 11/12 accounting, you're pretty set. The only new things you may learn are cash flows and bonds, which some struggle a little with but they're really not bad, especially if you do the work. You focus a little more on the "why?" than in high school, but it's essentially the same and for most it's an easy high mark. There's two great profs for it too.

AFM 131 (Intro to Biz in NA) is an introductory business course, and if you've taken any business-type high school courses you'll have gone over most of the stuff. It's really not complicated and most of it is stuff you know with names attached to it. The Mike's Bikes simulation takes up a bit of time and it will suck if your group is unmotivated. Not overly hard course though.

INTST 101 (International Studies)is easy. They asked the prof to make it that way (he's awesome btw). Just show up to class, listen, participate if you can, and you'll learn things and enjoy it. The exams are just essays, and all you need to do is review your notes/the textbook. The average was around an 80 I heard so only half the class really did "well."

ECON 1O1 (Micro) is an easy course. There's two midterms and a final. Some of the profs are really easy. If you've taken high school economics, that's 1/2 the course, and the other 1/2 is new concepts/in-depth topics (mostly the latter). Certainly not a demanding or overly challenging course.

AFM 121 (Finance) is a little more difficult. Exams are all written responses, no M/C. You have to attend class to get participation marks, and there's a lot of reading and topic comprehension. Some people are finding it like hell. It's really not that bad, but definitely the hardest first year course you'll take (in all likelihood). The average on the first midterm was pretty low. Also random pop quizzes.

STAT 211 (Stats) is an introductory stats course. It's similar to data management in high school. Doing the work helps. The topics aren't super hard. The class average on the first quiz was really low compared to the average for Math 109, so not sure why everyone's math skills don't transfer to Stats.

ECON 102 (Macro) See ECON 101. I think most people find it a bit easier than 101 so far, but some would disagree. The course structure is the same.

SPCOM 111 (Speech Communication) It's different. Kind of like some strange high school English class in a way (~30 per class). You do some simple reading assignments, some discussions, then speeches (which apparently are marked very hard) before doing a big case at the end.
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