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So I wanna get into either PA or FM stream. Although I have a preference to get into PA, I would be content by getting into the FM stream as well. Right now, I have a slim chance of making it into PA. So here's my dilemma: Should I apply to the PA or FM stream? I have heard that even if I don't make it into PA, I MIGHT get an alternate offer into FM. I've also heard of alternate offers to Art/Business. So which would be the smarting move? Applying to PA and risk getting an alternate offer to Art/Business or play it safe and just apply to FM?

I have a 91-93 average right now and average ECs. Writing is also average if that matters.
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If you apply and don't get into PA, you will be considered for FM. You might not get int still as FM is very competitive. Most people just get an alternate offer to Arts/business as FM is still very hard to get into, but you will be considered. You just have to beat out the really good people who applied to just FM and all of the PA rejects :)

So, I would recommend PA.
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