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Waterloo AFMMA Invites - Stressed as HELL!

A photo of Virtuoso Virtuoso
Hi, I've noticed a lot of people have been invited for the AFMMA, well I'm actually surprised I haven't gotten invited yet! I've submitted the AIF as well.

My marks are as follows:

Adv. Functions: 91
English: 86
Data Management: 85
Sports Marketing: 80
International Business: 78 (don't ask why IB is so low ... )
In Progress - Mid Term Projections:

Calculus and Vectors: 87-90
Accounting: 95+
Earth and Space Science: 93

Can anyone tell me if there is a marks issue or something?
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A photo of SevenFlow SevenFlow
From the courses that you've already completed, your marks are on the low side (84%). Last year I heard the cutoff for the AFMAA was an 83% or something so maybe this year got more competitive?
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A photo of caveman caveman
Don't worry about it everyone. Invites are sent out until mid-March (I think the target date was March 16th?) Last year people with 95+ averages didn't receive their invites until 1-2 days before the target deadline.

There isn't any particular known order for invites. Don't worry, they'll get to you.

To Virtuoso: your marks are a tad low, as the first poster mentioned. If your Grade 11 marks are lower than your Grade 12, I'm afraid to say but that means your average may be too low for an invite. Just be prepared for that, but right now your average is probably fine (no guarantees of course) for an invite and all you can do is wait and see (and focus on the marks your current marks).

Best of luck everyone!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Dont woory about that, i am getting a 95% avg and still reveive nothing from the afm
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