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Waterloo AIF - Engineering (Reading Interests)

A photo of AsianFail93 AsianFail93
Just wondering what you guys did (book or article). Was it engineering related or something totally random for you?
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A photo of Jopet Jopet
I guess the purpose of this is to find out more about your English. Mine was totally not related to engineering, but I talked about the book I read with as much detail and professionalism as possible lol. By the way the book I read might make you laugh if you know it so I'll just keep it a secret!!
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A photo of tiwa007 tiwa007
Hahahahah =) Lol for mine I was really sick of coming up with something new (because I am a really really slow writer. I took me 2+ hours to write the 'why engineering' response. I know, I'm just weird xD) so I adapted something I wrote for another supplementary application and combined it with my recent English quotation response assignment. THEN I found a book that matched it =D lol =P
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A photo of arviny arviny
I picked a novel that was engineering related, about AI and its future implications on human society. Just wrote a very brief summary and my thoughts on the author's perspective of this issue. (Reader's Response lens ftw)
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A photo of Jagseer Jagseer
I just picked a random book i read by stephen king, and i just talked about how it was inspiring and what it taught me. Well i already got acceted so i guess it was good enough
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