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Waterloo AIF Courses Section

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I'm filling out the AIF for Waterloo and in the courses section, it asks to enter the course name and the level.

I know for the course name you put the course code but what is supposed to be put for the level entry?

Do I put 12 for grade 12 courses or U for university?

Also, for putting the completion date for the courses, I finished one grade 12 course last year but I don't remember the date of completion for last year. What should I do?

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A photo of g93 g93
Put 4U or 4C or 4M, whatever it may be (no need for the final 1 or I or whatever). So "ENG4U". If you took an AP course, such as AP Calculus, you can put "CALCAP" (AP as the level).

I'm pretty sure I just guesstimated for mine, but if you really care go check with your guidance counselor.
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