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Waterloo AIF Deadline Confusion

A photo of FunnyBone FunnyBone
On the Find Out More: AIF Page, it says that the deadline for the Faculty of Math has been extended until March. 18th:

However, when I log into my Quest Account, it still states that the AIF is due on March 4th.

Is the Quest Account just not updated?
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A photo of Kooh Kooh
It may just be not updated on Quest yet. It would be better if submitted your aif before the 4th just to be safe. The earlier you submit the better it is anyways
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A photo of Jopet Jopet
Yeah I hate how we have to constantly check their website for any deadline changes! I submitted my AIF in early Feb. before the recommended deadline of February 16th (original). I want to add something to my extracurriculars, but I'm not sure if I could still make an ammendment.
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