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Waterloo AIF duedate

A photo of nightmare56 nightmare56
I know the website says it is recommended that we submit the engineeing aif by february 16, but the due date is march 4th. What will happen if I delay it past feb 16 (today). Will they hold it against me during selection ("this guy is not very punctual" etc.)?

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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I doubt it.
I didn't submit mine till the beginning of February.
I think that's just a good general guideline because they know that a lot of people will submit it the very last minute so their system will get floooooded with responses.
But it is a good idea to submit it ASAP..
If not today, at least in the next week.
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A photo of raiderboy raiderboy
what if you have been recently suspended, do they count that against you and how... (this is the first time i have been suspended... in high school)
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