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Waterloo AIF Form Questions

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What distinguishes academic vs. non-academic? DECA for example...

Also, when they ask for the size of the competition, do you think an estimate is fine?
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I think DECA would be an academic. Awards from music, arts, dance, and sports would probably be non-academic.

I'm sure estimates are fine. :)
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Academic: school-related (e.g. chess club, DECA, math contests, etc.)

Non-academic: outside school (e.g. rep hockey, boy scouts, rock climbing, etc.)

Waterloo wants to get an idea of the size of competition so they know how big of a deal the award was. Winning a scholarship that 20,000 people applied to? Big deal. Winning an award for having the highest mark in Grade 11 Accounting, beating out all 12 of your classmates? Not a very big deal.

If you can make a good estimation, do so. If it's something like DECA, Waterloo will know the general competition size since it's so common, and you won't have to make a random guess. If it's something like winning the ACC Cup (or is it the Bell-Aliant Cup now or something?), where there are tons of teams across Canada vying for the title, but then there are levels below that, but levels above that as well.... it's just better to leave blank and have Waterloo figure out how big of a deal it is versus you making a random guess.
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