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I have a few questions regarding one of the AIF questions.

Discuss a book or a written article that you particularly enjoyed or that has had an impact on you. Preferably choose a book or article that was not part of a course at school.

What exactly do you have to talk about here. Do you focus more on the reason why you enjoyed it or why it had an impact on you. What kinds of things do you discuss about. Is it more like a summary of the book in your own words?

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Talk about both. It's not a summary at all, really, it's what aspect of the book/article that had an impact on you. Was it the personality and actions of a certain character? How did it impact your life? (doesn't need to be dramatic lol)

I used to read mystery books a lot when I was a kid, so I actually ended up talking about Nancy Drew; don't judge me please. I talked about basically how her approaches to solving mysteries were creative, yet empirical, and other things haha :3
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You can almost treat that question as writing a review about the book. Just talk about parts of the books where you learned something and some elements of it that inspired/impacted/affected you.
I just wrote about some technical books I was reading at the time.
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