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In addition to the specific information requested in all of the AIF questions, please tell us anything else about yourself that you would like us to know when we review your application. Please make sure to complete all sections of the AIF before submitting this page. (900 character limit)

I don't think they're looking for anything specific as they left it pretty open...but I don't even know where to begin. Any ideas? I'm so stuck.
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It can be anything that is likely to amaze them. I suggest sharing your thoughts on a particular subject (preferably Math/Engineering) that is current. Just make sure you stand out and be creative.
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bs it. I am in love with *blank* engineering. The concepts and practical aspects of it greatly appeal because blah blah. I am a natural leader, I am a manager at dq blah blah. I led *sport* to 2nd round playoffs.....Brag about stupid s*** turn something thats not tht impressive into your lifes work and prove that you are without a doubt the greatest human being to ever live. (yea i over did that) But seriously bulls*** it.
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i am stuck there too, i suggest you call the uni
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Lol, it asks for a book that impacted you. outside of school... i have not read any books but the harry potter series LOL:brilsmurf
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I cannot fill out this section as bragging is considered morally unacceptable in my religion and I refuse throw away everything I stand for and act in such an uncivilized manner in order to gain acceptance into your institution. Additionally, I will be paying $(insert program cost here) to your institution and so I feel it would be more appropriate to receive a letter containing a 900 word essay from the school dean about what sets your university apart from the others and why I should pick your school over the others I have applied to. I expect to receive this essay no later than April 15th 2011. Failure to do so will result in me withdrawing my application from Waterloo university and applying to a school that actually cares about me.

*clicks submit*

you know I don't really want to go to waterloo for mechanical engineering since most of their grads end up going to RIM and Microsoft which I really don't want to do. If you do submit this letter let me know what happens lol.
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