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Waterloo and Luarier Dilemma...

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Okay so this is what i got accepted too:
Waterloo - Double Degree Computer Science (water loo) and Business (Wilfred Laurier)
Laurier - Double Degree Mathematics (Waterloo) and Business (Laurier)

My original plan was to go to Waterloo because they have a better co-op and because i was thinking of dropping business after first year for Social Science (and i would be able to stay at Waterloo because i would still be takeing math there). but i screwed up and accidentally applied for computer science! They denied my application change request saying that that DD was very competetive so now i dont know what to do! If i go to Laurier, yes the classes would be the same but after first year i can't just drop business because then i would be a Luarier student only taking Waterloo math courses??? Maybe change Business for social science at laurier??!? <-- is that doable?

Any advice?!?!?
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I'm pretty sure you couldn't of have dropped Business for Social Science. It's a BMath/BBA Double Degree program for a reason. You can only drop into BMath or BBA. No random combinations of BMath/BA or anything.
If you want to do Social Science, I would suggest going into Laurier, then transferring into Social Science. However, if you want to keep Waterloo Math, go to Laurier, talk to admissions people at both schools, and then drop into the Honours Math at Waterloo.
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