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Waterloo and UFTSG Life sci

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Waterloo life science requires a minimum of high 70s (so like 78+) for life science. I dont know if it will be higher but if anyone can tell me i would appreciate it so so much.

Toronto life science requires 80+? but i read from alot of posts that they accept anyone from 75-100 for the money?

Heres my question (ill be very grateful to anyone that could post there opinion)

Will i get accepted to either one of these and if i do which one will be more likely to accept me?

My top 6 admissible (i just got midterm)

Chemistry -80 (finished)

the rest are the courses that im doing now

Calc -86
Function (redo) -81
Eng -75
Bio -86
Accounting -80

average of 81.3

will i get accepted im really borderline i think :batman:
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I'm pretty sure you'll get in for waterloo. My average was 82 and I applied after the deadline but I managed an acceptance. I'm not sure about UFTSG though, still waiting on that. Where did you see that it was 80+?
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Is the Science Co Op competitive at Waterloo? Is it a good program ?

Any idea what average guarantees you a spot?
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