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I was in such a rush to hand in my supplementaries for Arts and Business at Waterloo and managed to hand them in Mid-Feb. Afterward, I realized I didn't include A LOT of my extracurriculars. I asked all of my friends how many they included and they had 10 and MORE! I was no where close to that.

Will that have any effect on my offer/acceptance?

My average is 80 on the dot.
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If I manage to get the marks I desire by early April I should be able to get 85.4% :) Although, I'm pretty scared because my Writers Craft teacher totally screwed me over for my Interim Report Card. (She gave the class an assignment to analyze a script and finish it a week before the break. Apparently, I was missing 6 pages (I thought it was only a 2 page analysis) and ended up getting a 2M. I confronted her about it and she said it was completely my fault for not informing her earlier. I didn't even realize there were 6 more pages because she didn't go through the assignment with us in class.)
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