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Hey guys, I have some general questions about biotech/CA and i was wondering if anyone could help me out and answer them. Thank you very much! (sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong forum)

So i was recently made an offer into biotech/CA, and I wanted to ask the following questions:

1. How is it in general and what will I mostly learn (will it be more science-based or CA based?
2. How do people do in it, and what do they usually do after graduation? I'm planning to work in a pharmaceutical company upon graduation, with the job highly relating to accounting.
3. How many people are there usually in a class? I saw the enrollment rate is extremely small, but how many people actually accept the offer?
4. Upon graduation, is finding a job difficult?

Thank you everyone!
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A photo of g93 g93

@Sanguine wrote
Congratulations. This program is not exactly easy to be accepted to. Quite the contrary, in fact. The enrolment rate is thus for that reason.

1) Both-based, if it can be said. I believe it to be very much balanced.

2) People fare well in it if they put in work. It still remains difficult, however. I have never met anyone who graduated. That does not, however, mean that people do not graduate.

3 )They accept few people.

4) With the program's reputation, certainly not difficult. However, probably easier to do so in a technology-related field.

Note: http://forums.studentawards.com/yaf_postst9894_BiotechCA-at-U-of-Waterloo.aspx

Popular opinion seems to be that Math/CA caters much more efficiently to accounting that Biotech/CA, a view I support.

I'll expand a little.

1) Both is right, you take almost the same courses as if you were in AFM. You take the science courses as well.

2) I'm not 100% sure either. I have just heard that it is a lot of work (but worth it if you are interested in the field and want a CA)

3) I think enrollment is around 10. I believe I also heard from an AFM student (not 100% reliable) that there were only 4 after first year (the others switched to just AFM or maybe just biotech, w/e). I'm assuming you'll get to know your fellow Biotech/CAs quite well.

4) I don't think you will have any problems pursuing your pharmaceutical/CA related job. As Sanguine said, with its reputation, easy. You could get any public accounting job too, as you have the same CA knowledge plus additional biotech knowledge that just shows you are well-rounded I guess. You shouldn't have troubles getting a job in a tech/science related area.
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A photo of Phattii Phattii
thanks g93 and sanguine for the detailed replies.
anyone planning to go?
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A photo of rav320 rav320
this program seems interesting. Havent taken any accounting course within all my years of highschool but it doesnt seem as if accounting is somethign that one cannot pick up.

Right now im just contemplating between mac life sci and biotech/ca

always had the idea of aiming for medicine but chartered accountancy doesnt seem to bad :P
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A photo of PaperPen PaperPen
I know of someone in Biotech/CA and I think he's aiming for med school after this.
I think, because of the science courses, you can still go on into medicine.
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