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Waterloo CAP?

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I was wondering if anyone here in this forum is currently a student with CAP status at Waterloo?

If so, other than being pre-admitted to pharmacy school, are there any other benefits (more specifically, socially) to being a CAP student? Do you guys do any activities together, or have socials, etc? Or is it just a status that you have for later on...?

Also, would you recommend being in Honours Science or Life Science at Waterloo?
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They co-ordinate events with the pharmacy school.

Honours Science would be easier to get the prereqs and have some free electives. Did you apply to both?

Why am I still posting in CAP threads? Rofl.
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haha just being helpful andrew! :)


and do you know what type of events...? Like ...strictly events regarding school and pharmacy? Or just fun nights like formals, semis, etc.

I just want to be a part of something...which is why I'm highly considering ArtSci, but this is such a great and safe opportunity. But then again, I haven't made it yet haha.
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@http://www.pharmacy.uwaterloo.ca/future-students/cap-program wrote
With CAP status, students will be able to participate in some social and educational activities organized by the School and the UW Society of Pharmacy Students (SOPhS). This will enable students in the CAP program to learn more about the degree program and the profession of Pharmacy.

I assume some welcome/get-to-know events. I'm not convinced of how much of a community it would be there.

I'm betting your interview will be influential in deciding your decision for this program. You'll probably get a better feel for how close-knit the program is or isn't, and I've heard Ken, the interviewer, is really nice and helpful.
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