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waterloo co op question and uoft pey question

A photo of Swapnil94 Swapnil94
From what I have read in this forum, for first your it is very hard to get a actual co op job. how hard it is exactly? like 50% of students actually get the paid job?
Also isn't waterloo's co op just like a job fair? :S

and how is uoft's pey program?
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A photo of pandasbox pandasbox
Haven't done co-op yet, but I've heard from my profs:
1) 90% of eng students get co-op by the first month of their co-op term
2) Waterloo has connections with lots of companies/job positions, but it is up to you to provide a resume, apply, and go for the interview
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A photo of Robert52 Robert52
They try to ensure that everybody who applies to the PEY program gets placed.
However, if you give a bad resume, blow off interviews with companies, etc.--basically, deliberately sabotage your placement--you won't get a job.
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