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waterloo computer engineering chances

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My top 6 marks are

MCV4U: 87
MHF4U: 90
SPH4U: 85 [class average very low]
SCH4U: 81 [class average very low]
ENG4U: 83
ICS4U: 96

It averages out to 87.0

I was wondering what my chances for Waterloo Computer Engineering would be.. I know my average isn't very high but I have a solid AIF and decent ECs. I'm a treasurer in the prom committee and a student rep in the SAC, and I am in the programming club. I was also wondering if you know anyone that has been accepted into computer engineering and what their top 6 average was, even from previous years. I'm really nervous because I only fit the minimum requirement (mid 80s) because I messed up in physics and chemistry. Thanks.
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Your average is inline with admission for CE (mid 80s) and none of your marks are below 80%. Add your ECs, and I think your chances of admission are very good.

Waterloo sends out the second half of their admission offers mid-may, so you have about a month of waiting to find out. Sucks waiting!
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