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Waterloo Computer Science Applicants 2018

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Hey guys!

There's no megathread about Waterloo CS yet, so I decided to start one. I'm interested in applying to Waterloo Computer Science. I personally have had a 96% average in grade 11, and I expect a similar average in grade 12.

I'm really scared about the admissions process, since I've never really won any Waterloo math contests (only placed top 25%), and my ECs are only average at best. Can you guys give my an assessment and predict whether I can get in this year?

Feel free to post your averages and ECs below!
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I made it to UWaterloo Computer Science with only 93% average but I had a ton of extracurriculars.

I participated in many clubs including my school's Cancer Society Club where I was the webmaster for. I also created my school's Anime Club's website where it's frequently used by my school's weebs. I was also complemented by my grandma for helping her with resetting her internet router and that greatly impacted my application.

In school, I helped the janitors mopped the floors and they gave me a piece of pie for the great job. I also created a program in Dr Java where if I were to right click a random number would show up on the screen so that was pretty fun.

Yeah so moral of story, marks don't matter as much when it comes to applications since universities also look at your extracurriculars and the type of person you are.
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I call bullshizzle. I was rejected to Waterloo CS last year with 94.67, and had 98/99 for advanced functions and calculus respectively. I was outraged and emailed admissions to complain, and they told me that 300 students were admitted out of 6000 applicants.
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This post was deleted

as an alternative post (although i applied several years ago), i had practically no EC's and pretty much didn't even write the waterloo contests (my scores were that good...) but my marks were high enough to get in. 
i've found that it's becoming harder and harder to shine with your EC's, but high marks are high marks. 95+ is no longer a guarantee acceptance like it was when i was applying, but it gives you a good shot despite your EC's. pretty sure 96/97 would be extremely competitive unless someone has recent data from last year's applicants. note that we're assuming the competition for applicants is >= to the applicants from last year which is an okay assumption i guess.
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In 2016, CS had a rough cutoff average of 93.7%. (after AIF, and course weightings factored in)
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I had a 97 average in grade 11 but crap ECs. I still have crap ECs and will put all my effort into studying for that 98 average RIP sleep
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watch how you sill get rejected to waterloo lmfao
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Applying for Software Engineering + CS at UWaterloo, UofT, UOttawa, and UBC.  

English 11- 92%
Pre-Calculus 11- 98% (Took in grade 10)
Pre-Calculus 12- 99% (Took in grade 11)  
Chemistry 11- 95% Physics 11- 98%  

Grade 11 4 courses average to: 95.75%  

-Vast programming experience in C, C++, Java, and Python  
-Won city wide programming competition  
-Numerous side projects including a chess game using C, and also a tetris games that includes multi levels using C++; it shows effective memory management of C++, text and graphics and multiple software design patterns.  
- Part time job at Tim Hortons for one year so far  
- RC cars and the such. Currently working on a custom built lego car with Raspberry Pi and working on the controlling the numerous motors and movement of the car through my computer.  
- My school doesn't offer any programming courses, so all my knowledge has been self-taught.  

My obvious goal is to make it into Waterloo Software Engineering, but all I've heard are people 97%+ and still getting rejected so I'm really worried. I don't expect my grade 12 average to be much higher. The most likely case is similar marks, but I'm hoping my AIF will boost my chances.
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I wouldn't be worried about getting into software. You seem to have the marks and ECs (along with coding ECs). I would just make sure that your AIF is written well as your ECs don't mean anything if you can't communicate what you learned from them.
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gr.11 - 96%
gr.12 - expecting around 98-99%

ecs/stuff i did:
-part time job for 2 years
-exec of student hunger program
-software dev. internship
-cs workshop at uw
-best buddies
-lots of volunteering (not naming all of them)
-some programming experience in java & python
-math & physics tutor

pretty worried bc it's getting sooo competitive for cs so idk what my chances are tbh
idk if i really believe people saying they got rejected with 97%+ and good ecs but my marks and ecs aren't anything special at this point so honestly idk
really hoping to get accepted bc i kinda have my mind set on uw
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SHAD is really good.
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You will need 95+ and good ECs to have a good chance for CS and SE. Those who get rejected with 97+ averages generally do not explain their ECs well on the AIF or don't do well on the video interview. 

SE will be harder to get into this year than last, they went over their quota for 2017 meaning there are less seats for 2018. At least that is what I was told when I explored my options of transferring programs. 
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I was the anon that posted 2 replies above, with the 95.75% average. 

So far I don't see it going any higher than that, as I am pretty certain I will land between 94-95% range come admission time... However, as I won't be having a 95+, will my mark be acceptable in their eyes? 
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95.75% is an average. Roughly half of the applicants will be below that, and you are very close to that average so I would say that you have a pretty solid chance
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Ok thank you!
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There is no interview for Waterloo University admission to CS~~
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This data can give you an idea of the probability of acceptance based on your grades. Based on the graph you would have a 30% chance with a 94%. 

Your ECs are very similar to others who I know that have been accepted. It will come down to how you convey your experiences on the AIF that will set you apart from the other applicants. 

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Note: This is for ENG and is more related to SE rather than CS. CS is easier to get into than SE
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Applying for CS at Waterloo, McGill , Carleton (backup option) and possibly Toronto.

Grade 11 average (top 6): 96.5%
Grade 12 average (expected): 95.5% (known marks: 99% and 93%)

EC's/Other Stuff:
- FRC robotics (current team captain (50-person team), Dean's list semi-finalist, former programming captain)
- FLL robotics youth mentor and began multiple teams
- IEEE robotics youth mentor
- VEX robotics
- event organizer for Ottawa robotics kickoffs
- volunteer for music events/camps
- formerly in concert and jazz bands (won multiple awards for my contributions; left for medical reasons)
- built a basic neural net (training sets) in Python and modified existing ones
- regularly program in C++, C, Python, and Java (all self-taught); and I have taught them to others for several years (also familiar with Linux and Git)
- wrote a science fiction book (90k words)
- tutor (science, math, English)
- was one of two high school students working at the University of Ottawa's science and engineering camp
- clarinet ensemble
- science club
- AV crew
- worked at a band camp
- have built and programmed robots from scratch (etched and designed the circuit board too, although I did use a PIC microcontroller later on)

I'd really like to end up working in A.I. or robotics. Do you think computer science or software engineering gives me the best shot at that?

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Gr 11 avg: 97.6%
Gr 12 (expected)avg: 98 (Adv Functions: 99, English: 96, Computer Science 100, Kinesiology: 96)  
Top 5% in fermat math contest
Top 20% in physics contest
Top 15 for senior computer science contest
Level 5 on AP Physics 1 Exam
Webmaster of computer programming club
Webmaster/coach of Robotics Club
Competed in ICDC DECA
Certified life guard
Competitive weightlifter (Competing provincially in feb)
What are my chances for waterloo computer science/software engineering?
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I think you have a really good chance bc I heard waterloo values cs contest the most and u rocked it.. and your average is really high as well. Frankly who would get in if u wouldnt
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Gr 12 current avg: 92 (Expected 94 avg)
Extra curriculars:
Computer programming Co President
Animal Rights associations executive member and graphic designer
Math, Computer science and Kinesiology Peer Tutor
Dragon Boat Co Coach
Wresting Club
Competitive Dancer
Software Development Internship from America 
What are my chances for comp sci :3
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Gr12 current avg: 94 (hoping to get it up to a 95)
RCM Piano Grade 10
French DELF B2 
Co-hosted an art project with 20+ artists, all earnings from sales go toward charity
Experience in Java, teaching myself Python
School tennis team, badminton team
Local tennis club intercounty tennis team (won regionals)
DECA provincials qualifier
Volunteer at math extra help at school

I also know that my school is one of the ones that Waterloo adds a mark adjustment for, does anyone know how much/if this applies to the math department?

What are my chances for computer science/computer engineering/systems design backup?
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Grade 12 avg: 96-97
100 Computer Science
100 Computer Engineering

FIRST Robotics Programming Team Captain / Driver
Wrote Gauss, Pascal, OAPT and Caribou Math/Physics Contests
Writing Senior CCC and Euclid this year
Self taught programming knowledge (C++, Python, Java, C#, HTML, CSS)
App Development and Machine Learning Online Courses
Karate for 5 years
Swimming for 5 years
1 Week Game Development Course at local college
COOP Software Engineering internship over the summer
Teaching and Mentoring for Computer Science (Running mini course this year for c++)
Presentations and Event Planning (Grade 9 Orientation, Local companies, etc.)
Working on website for local store

What are my chances?
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this website makes me depressed as f*** but i can't stop scrolling
How do y'all have these high 90 averages AND DO ECs
After spending too many days on Yconic I feel like I should just apply for math non coop since it's the easiest in the math faculty and i have no chance for anything else
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Honestly, you are my spirit animal right now hahah :') Yconic is basically my life right now, but I just make myself even more anxious every time I go on it---

Anyways, keep in mind that there's tons more applicants than just the people who post on Yconic, so it doesn't necessarily reflect the admission average (GOTTA BE OPTIMISTIC!!)

I'm curious, but what average do you have right now?

Here's to hoping we both get in! :)
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Based on previous years, I'd say you'll need at least 93% with ECs for CS and at least 90% with ECs for math non-coop
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i have a 98 (including data mgmt, physics, ICS) but no ECs how screwed am i
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Hi :) My grade 12 average is currently 94.6 (91 in Bio, 94 in Functions, 99 in Physics). 

I'm in a specialized math, science and computer science program.
I'm also doing a semester at the Ontario Science Center, where I'm taking grade 12 courses and volunteering as a student host.
I've received numerous school awards, (student of the month, comp sci, biology, arts, languages, and social studies)
I speak fluent French.

I work 8-12 hours per week at the public library.

I've volunteered over 150 hours in total, 50+ at my school's Breakfast Program.
I was part of the Premier's Civic Engagement Volunteer Group for 2 years.
I'm a school ambassador and have been a guest speaker at other schools.
I've been on the editorial team for a youth magazine.
I've been on the badminton team for 2 years.
I was on the school science club & programming club but I'm now part of a community coding initiative.
I've done math contests in past years and plan to do so again this year.

What are my odds for BME? Thank you.

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You have a good chance for CS.
BME requires averages like 97%+, I'm also not familiar with eng admissions
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hey I was wondering what date people generally send in their aif? I'm a 105D applicant and I'm wondering if I should send in my midterm marks now and an update after first semester or just wait and send my marks after first semester.
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Always send in your transcripts when you have them. Quest keeps track of all your transcripts. Send in your AIF before the deadline :)
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This post was deleted

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Hey can anyone go over my things to write on aif

- Created a debate club (named summit conference) with friends and debated on social issues. (etc.mercy-killing)
 - Participated in a school book club (read Les Miserable and made a book portfolio)
 - Independently studied python and HTML through waterloo cs courseware 
- Joined outreach club and volunteered at several organizations (Thanksgiving dinner at a local church, assisted an event ‘home for humanity’)
 - Was in school senior band and played flute
- was in a school math club (solved difficult math problems with peers and discussed the solutions)
 - Was a leader for a musical team and performed as the main character in a creative musical plotted by myself.
 - 1st place in school choir competition
 - Fluent in Korean
 - Participated in school culture show (helped Korea pavilion) 
- Independently studying Spanish 
- Independently learned ukulele and flute 
- Won a science award
 - Honour roll 
- peer tutored physics and maths
 - Volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at Korean language school
 - 7th place in a francophone quiz competition 
- joined psychology club and led tarot card pavilion during school festival
 - was a class vice president 
- volunteered at a local church (distributed and delivered food for seniors living alone
 - participated in a project investigating a female independence activist 
- Participated in ERP (Extensive Reading Project) and wrote an essay about “The Little Prince” 
- Participated in a teenager volunteer program ‘Good Action’ (Goodneighbours)

jeez this is a lot but do they seem relevant? idk i just listed everything i did in high school....
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You need to list the things that you learned from those experiences, and how they have grown you as a person and have better prepared you for your future. 

- Studied waterloo courseware and the leader of a musical team are good examples
- Participated in a project for a female activist is not as significant unless you dedicated a lot of time to it. 
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This post was deleted

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Hi guys, does anyone know when they are starting to send out offers?
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Hello Everyone,

I am a CS student currently in 3A and I'd like to share my experiences and knowledge of the application process.

In 2016 when I applied to CS, I had a 93% average with 5 AP courses, a popular Minecraft server and participated in 7 waterloo competitions like the Euclid (which I scored 60% on).

I didn't even get into CS, I got a deferral to honours math. Apparently, the cutoff for CS in 2016 was 93.7% with lots of ECs, but math was slightly lower at 91%. I ended up working my ass off and was able to transfer internally to CS. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD ATTEMPT. Transferring to CS has become very difficult with the new rules that were applied in fall 2017. You'll need a 90% average in your core Waterloo courses to have a shot at transferring and only about 5-10% of the class will get above 90%.

Most admissions for CS usually come out on a rolling basis in May. There are very few early admissions to CS as they want to wait for you Euclid marks which DOES greatly influence the decision. 

The average they use is an "admission average" this is calculated by using your top 6 courses and weighting the math and cs courses more heavily. If you have a 100% in gym/PE in your top 6, it will count for maybe 1/50th of the weight of 100% in Calculus. they also factor in your AIF which includes all your ECs and contests like the Euclid. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to reply. I'm happy to answer questions. I know how stressful the application process can be. 

Sources: My Experiences and discussions with CS advisors that deal with admissions
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I have been accepted to the UofT CS and the deadline for accepting the offer is May 1st. I hope I could hear from Waterloo before then - admission or rejection.
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Unless you are 90% sure you'll get into Waterloo CS, I'd take the UofT offer. :)
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Hi, I have a question regarding the top 6 courses. You mentioned that you applied with only 5 AP courses right? If so, does the admission faculty look at your final top 6 courses, or just the ones that are currently available to them? The application deadline for CS is around January 17th, if I'm not wrong. With most schools being semestered, would they have to wait until all 6 of your Grade 12 marks are available? Thanks for sharing your input.
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Sorry for the late reply. When they take the "top 6" there are certain rules applied to it. For example, 1 must be an English and 1 is your calculus and vector course. While I had AP courses, they were not necessarily my top 6 marks. It helps to have AP, they may look at this but it is not a huge factor as some school don't offer it. 

They will look at whatever marks are available, if those happen to be grade 11 marks then they will use those. However, since they make most decisions in may, you can send in your midterm transcript. 

They still want a final transcript even after all the offers have gone out, to make sure you kept your marks up and can revoke your admission offer if your average drops (like 10%). 
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But Toronto  requires a confirmation of admission by May 1st! how does that work?
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This post was deleted

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These universities should coordinate it better.
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