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To students at Waterloo university in either Computer Science or Software Engineering,

What are differences between the two in terms of the social scene? Academically I have a good picture, but I was wondering about how the students at those programs perceive each other and such.

Is it pretty much the same kind of students, objectively?
Do the students in the two programs think they are really the same thing, subjectively? Or is it like experimental physicists vs theoretical physicists.
Is one much harder to get in, leading to its students being more achievers or thinking that they are?
Does one exhibit "Waterloo traits" more than the other (more asians/nerds)?
Do people in SE spend more time studying than in CS or the opposite?

And lastly, what students of other programs are either closer to? Do CS students frequently meet with science students (I'm interested in physics in particular), and SE students with the rest of engineering?

Thanks for answering!
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