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Hey everyone. Just wanted to know what kind of support (tutoring, exam prep, etc.) is available for first year engineering students at waterloo. I'm just really nervous about first year !
Also, can off campus students partake in any tutoring sessions (if available) for engineering courses like calc, algebra, and physics.

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In first year engineering, ALL of your classes will have tutorials. This is where Teaching Assistants hired specifically for each course will go over concepts covered by your prof the previous week. They are usually in smaller groups of 30-50. You can ask the TAs to show you how to do solns, help you with assignments, etc. Some tutorials are mandatory because weekly quizzes are held during tutorial time.

Profs should also provide office hrs of when they are available. However, I highly recommend just going straight to the TAs, since profs are usually pretty busy.

There is also in-residence tutoring (usually at MKV or V1) where usually grad students volunteer to come in and help tutor you. It gets pretty busy so you don't really get 1-on-1 help, but it's helpful if you live close-by.

There is a group called SOS (non UW volunteer organization) that put together little review sessions before midterms and finals. It'd be helpful if you feel really screwed for an exam, but otherwise it's quite useless.

As for off-campus stuff - there probably are some tutoring places but I highly do not recommend wasting your time on that. Your schedule will be hectic as it is, take advantage of tutorials and you will be fine.
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