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Waterloo Engineering Courses?

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I have some idea of the courses in 1st year, but what are some descriptions of the courses and which are extensions of high school courses? Also is it better to learn computer programing before entering university? What programming language does Waterloo use first year?
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You don't necessary need to know programming before university. I know people in my class who had no programming experience before university, and they later on became programming wiz and getting awesome software jobs in companies like Facebook and Qualcomms (many awesome jobs actually come from less well-known companies, but you won't be impressed if I told you those names)

Of course, it will make your first year easier if you know some programming concepts before university. But you will survive without it. Depending on what program you go into, if say Mecahtronics, you will have to be good at programming someday.

For first year, different programs take learn different languages:
Mechanical, Mechatronics, Management, and System Design do C++
Software, electrical and computer do C#
Chemical, Nanotech, civil, geo, and enviro do Matlab I believe.

For us Tron, we start to do more and more programming as get into more senior years. In 1A, we got an introductory course in C++. 1B one algorithm and data structure course in C. For 2A, we did PLC, some assembly, and VHDL.
For 2B, we used C to program robot in the sensor course; could choose to use C/C++ for the operation system course; Matlab/C++/C#/Jave/whatever-you-want for the numerical method course; and Mathcad and Maple for the calculus course.

All the first-year schedules are here:

Course descriptions are here:

You can find upper years' schedules in the departments' websites too.

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No. Softwares doing C and C++ in first year, and of course Java in future CS courses.
ECEs use C# first term, VHDL for programming in the circuits courses.
Non software and ECE students usually do not have previous programming experience, and of course the profs understand that.

It can be difficult to learn programming on your own if youre not a computer person, so I suggest waiting til 1st year if youre not going into ECE or software.
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