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Waterloo Engineering vs. McGill Engineering

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I've been accepted to Waterloo Nanotechnology Eng program and McGill Chemical Engineering. Waterloo is renowned for its coop program but McGill also has a very good engineering school. Which do you think is better?
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Nanotech is a very new industry so most likely you will end up doing a research job...and in chemical eng you can get a job doing w.e (as a chemical eng) Do you like nanotech eng better or chemical eng better? McGill is in montreal and there are alootttaaa clubs there and you can party there ALOT. In the waterloo area there's roxanne's a few others if you wanna party there (this is if you're into partying). Also, for nanotech co-op you might end up doing co-op for another eng field since nanotech is very new. Waterloo is probly a safer city than montreal too....
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