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Waterloo Entrance Scholarship HELP

A photo of nanalan nanalan
I've applied to the Bmath/BBA at Waterloo and Laurier double degree, and I was looking at the UW site for entrance scholarships and realized that it says "early may admission average" considered ONLY.

Right now, after midterms, my top 6 should give me an average of 94.8 (with one more percent in calc this semester, I'd be at 95% grrrrr). So I'm super scared about the entrance scholarships...do they boost you up to the next category if you can raise your marks by finals?? The President's Scholarship with Distinction has an additional "$1,500 International Experience Award and/or a $1,500 Research Award" so it's kinda a BIG deal. :S

Anyone know what waterloo's policy is about this kind of stuff? Do you think they'd be lenient if I send a plea via email? LOL :(
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A photo of mathemusician mathemusician
When they say early May admission, that's what they mean. So they will take your 94.8% for the scholarship regardless if it raises after finals. :(
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A photo of jzliu jzliu
no.... if you raise your marks they give you higher amount
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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
If your final marks increase to 95 or more, Waterloo will increase your scholarship.(It says so on their website)

But the extra $1500 scholarships are pretty much useless because they give it to you in upper years only if you participate in the international study thing(I forgot what it was) or you get it as a payment for a research position.. which I doubt you would be doing seeing the program you're in.

I'm also going to waterloo for math/ca next year and my midterm top 6 was over 97, but I really wouldn't care if my finals dropped below 95 because I'm definitely not going on an international study thing or do research at the school.. :)

So unless you're really eager about that extra $1500 or 3000 which you probably won't get, just relax and enjoy the rest of your high school year :)
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A photo of JoeSmith JoeSmith
Is it true that if your average drops by a lot, you still get to keep the scholarship? so if you have a 90 and drop to an 89, you still get the 2k scholarship? so basically, you can upgrade but not downgrade?
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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
I think so.. as long as you meet the condition required (which is like 77% or something..)
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A photo of aimango aimango
Most jobs for coop will be in Southern Ontario so its a really slim change that you go abroad, unless you are thinking of studying abroad for a term , which i think the $ can count towards that. But no, I doubt the research one would apply to you.
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