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Waterloo FARM?

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Hi Forum,

I was wondering if somebody who is currently in the program, or has graduated from FARM could answer some questions:

i) At the end of the 4-year program, do you get your CFA designation, or does Waterloo just prep you for the exam?
ii) Is the CFA Designation reputable? What I guess I'm trying to ask is, if its on the same level as, let's say, the CA designation; is it really specialized, or can somebody just take the exam and be given that designation?
iii) Is it possible to get BOTH CFA and PRM Designations? Or can you only get one?
iv) Objectively speaking, how hard is the program? I've been predicted a 7 in SL math, but its only standard level...would I survive?

Thanks :D
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umadbro? It's a prep, at the end of the FIVE year program, you will probably have done your first CFA exam. CFA is definitely on the same level reputation wise as a CA.

As for the CFA and PRM, you can pursue both later, but you can only choose one stream that will help you get one of the designations.

The program is pretty difficult but it's all subjective/relative.
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