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Waterloo Fellowship program

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I was just wondering if anyone has gotten into the program, and if you did, what your average was in high school?
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I am not personally in the program, but likely you will need a 95+ average to get an interview. You will need a combination of great ECs, marks, AFMAA and interview to get in. If one of the areas is weaker, the others better be really good to have a shot.

There is also a second chance to get into the Fellowship program in the fall of second year.

I will also mention here that if you ask most people at Waterloo, they will tell you that the Fellowship program is extremely overrated. It's a tremendous honour if you get in, and there are some potential benefits, but, for example, I am seriously considering not applying prior to second year, and it is certainly not because I don't think I will get in.

My point is don't let it become the be-all and end-all for you. If you don't get in don't kill yourself; the applications of those who did get in are might impressive.

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My sister had a ~92 average and got an interview, but was not accepted. She didn't go to Waterloo anyway. Her friend with a similar (I think actually slightly lower) average is in the program.
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