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Waterloo for Biology or Guelph for Zoology?

A photo of FloraandFauna FloraandFauna
Hi there! I cannot choose between these two programs! I want to be a wildlife veterinarian, so I will have to go to Guelph eventually, but there's going to be so many pre-vet students in the area...
Pros for Waterloo
Not as many pre-vet students in the area
Slightly cheaper tuition
Closer to home
Cons for Waterloo
Wayyy more expensive residence
Can only specialize in Animal Biology
Pros for Guelph
Has a zoology program
Cheaper residence
Awesome campus
Cons for Guelph
Lots and lots of pre-vet students (probably not get a job/volunteer position at a clinic)
Slightly more expensive tuition
Far away from home

So you see my dilemma. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
Guelph is an amazing university. There are so many programs in place here to helps students succeed. They really want to see everyone do well, so there are all kinds of programs for first year students, and many resources.

Now, there are a lot of vet hopefuls here, but there are also a lot of opportunities. In terms of academics, the good news is that you aren't graded on a curve, so it doesn't matter if you are in a class full of top performers.

If you plan on living in residence, Guelph has some of the best on-campus food in the country. They also have very flexible options compared to some schools. There are lots of healthy eating options too, if that is of interest.

I love Guelph. It is a great university, a great campus, and a terrific community.

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