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A photo of ilovesushi ilovesushi
so im doing the waterloo math contest cus i was told it would give me an upper hand in getting in.. but what if i fail?? does that mean i am disadvantaged? or is it just participation that they look at.. HELP

math is not my best subject.... im going into health sci give me a break :(
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
They require the math contest for admission or something. You need to get minimum 80% on it and you need a teacher reference.
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A photo of ForeverPi ForeverPi
unless you're planning to go into the math field, no you don't have to do the contest.

"Euclid Contest

To be eligible for a University of Waterloo, Faculty of Mathematics entrance scholarship, the Euclid Contest is a requirement.
While the Euclid Contest is not required for admission to UW Math, we encourage you to participate because it will help develop your problem solving skills and prepare you for university. As well, strong performance in the Euclid Contest can help earn you a place in the Faculty of Mathematics. If you're not an Ontario high school student, you're particularly encouraged to write the Euclid Contest to demonstrate that you have sufficient mathematical background to enter UW programs."

(go to question 16)

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