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Waterloo Life Sci or Queens Science?

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There's a $1000 scholarship and $600 bursary grant for waterloo, plus there's co op that should slice my student debt in half, but lab work sounds like a huge turnoff. Waterloo isn't renowned for their bio programs, the bio students there're mostly life sci aiming for med school but I have no interest in that,

On the other hand Queens = $$$$$. But, I really want variety in my course selection (arts and sci) as well as a social life, all of which queens offers

If I go to Queens are there other effective ways to minimize the financial burden.
If I go to Waterloo could I still manage to experience the same level of interpersonal growth, I might not stick with science altogether...

Is anyone attending these schools or programs? I really need help with this..
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I really don't know much about the life sci programs at these schools and I don't know what you want to do with a life sci undergrad if you have no interest in med school or even science, but it seems that the only thing holding you back from going to Queens is money. So, I would just go to Queens and look for jobs, work-study programs, etc. and apply to as many scholarships and bursaries as you can. I know money may seem like a big issue, but you shouldn't limit yourself or do something you may regret later because of money. There's always a way if you really look for aid and work for it..
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