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Waterloo Math/CA admission?

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I'm in grade 12 at a high school in Toronto, non IB and no AP courses.

My average is around 95 right now, and by Feb. OUAC mark transmission I think it'll be around 96.

But I don't have a lot of EC relating to math or business other than the math contests at school that I did for fun, because I'm heavily envolved in music, and it was a recent decision to switch from music to go into math/CA

I just wanted to hear from people that have been admitted to the math/CA program at Waterloo and what their high school average was like, and their ECs

and do I still stand a chance of getting a good mark on my AIF if i have mostly music-related Extra curriculars?
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I posted this in your other thread, but:

With a 95%+ it'd be hard for them to reject you. But then again, its still possible depending on who applies this year. Waterloo uses a 12 point system for Math/CA in that they can add a potential 14% to your grade based on your AIF. That means the highest possible mark would be 114%! So the higher your actual base grade is, the better.
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