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Waterloo Math/CA, AFM-CA, Minor in Math Inquiry

A photo of VivekanJey VivekanJey
Hey everyone I had a few questions about a few of Waterloo's programs, and university in general:

1) If I applied to the Math/CA program, is it true that they tend to give alternate offers into the Math/FARM(Financial Analysis and Risk Management) program as a deferral?? I was hoping they do.

2) From what you've learned, what is a competitive average for the AFM-CA admission, to get invited to write the AFMAA?

3) Is it true that once you get invited for the AFMAA, they disregard your AIF and your top 6 averages and make their decisions solely based on your AFMAA compared with others?

4) I'm not that familiar with minoring in something so I was wondering if I were to do the BBA program at Schulich, or Rotman Commerce, or AFM, or even UTSC Co-op Management, would I be able to minor in Mathematics? If so how does that actually work, like would I just be taking Mathematics electives? (sorry if this questions doesn't belong in the business forum)

Anything would be appreciated! Thanks, and good luck with admissions.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
1) Yes - they give alternate offers to Math/FARM, Math/BBA, or Math but usually Math/FARM
2) Very low, usually low 80s can get an invite
3) No, they take everything into consideration
4) Yes, hypothetically you can minor in math from all those programs depending on the required courseload of such programs. All you have to do is fulfill the math faculties' course requirements for a minor, make sure you declare it (Usually involves filling out a form) so that it shows on your transcript and that's all.
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A photo of redherring redherring
1) I followed the forum last year in my spare time, and many people seemed to get alternates to either FARM or Math/Business (single degree not double degree I think). This is probably listed on Waterloo's alternate offers page.

2) Anyone invited to the AFMAA qualifies for acceptance. An admissions officer told me that you should be looking for minimum high 80s, and some current students say something like low 90s is competitive. To get invited to the AFMAA is only low or mid 80s (heard of someone getting in with an 83 last year, didn't hear of anything lower, not sure of validity).

3) "Applicants wil be admitted in May based on their academic record, their performance in the AFMAA, and a review of their Admission Information Form (AIF)" (straight from Waterloo AFM site)

4) Yeah, you take the courses as electives and you need x number of courses in order to get the minor (sometimes you can double-count). You can find all the specifics by looking at the undergraduate calendars. You should be able to at all the schools except maybe AFM, as they only have like 5 electives, so I'm not sure it's possible without overloading or taking courses during the summer or during co-op.

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A photo of VivekanJey VivekanJey
Thanks both of you for this valuable information! Some detailed answers.
It's a relief to know that they don't solely base their admission decisions on the AFMAA once students have gotten to that point but it does play a significant role in the selection process right?

Also, for anyone that knows how is the difficulty level and maybe even interest level for programs like Math/FARM and simply Mathematics at Waterloo? I know everyone's different but just want to get a brief overview of what others think of the program. Everyone I've heard from says that Finance is more difficult and heavy than Accounting?
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
You can compare the course schedules:

FARM: http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/MATH-Math-or-Fin-Analysis-Risk-Mgt-Degree-Reqmnt
Math/CA: http://ugradcalendar.uwaterloo.ca/page/MATH-Math-or-Chartered-Accountancy-Co-op-Requiremt

It's not really about comparing finance to accounting. FARM is more of a math program with way more math courses. In fact Math/CA doesn't really have any math courses beyond 2nd year. I don't think FARM is worth going to in my opinion though. There's no advantage over just starting off with Honours Math... unless you're deadset on pursuing the CFA Designation (which if at 18 years old is your plan, you've got other issues).

In terms of difficulty, all the Math programs in first year have the same core math courses so the difficultly is roughly the same. In upper years, it really depends on the person - if you do something you're interested in, nothing will be overly difficult.
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