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Waterloo Nanotechnology Engineering

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I'm interested in going to U of W for Nanotech Engineering, but I was unable to find much information on it.

I have some questions regarding the program, and I'd love to hear from current students or recent graduates:

1) How is its difficulty in comparison to other engineering programs as well the engineering science program at U of T?

2) How competitive is the program? Any curves (up or down)?

3) How is the co-op in this program? (Not the general one for U of W)

4) How hard/easy is it to get into graduate school after graduating U of W? Graduate
schools including, but not exclusive to, U of T, MIT, CalTech, and Stanford.

5) How hard/easy is it to get into grad school after working for a while?

6) I've read that the Nano program is quite disorganized due to its youth. How truthful is this comment?

7) How are research opportunities for the Nano program?
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First of I am a prospective student myself (of Systems Design at UW and ECE at UofT), so take my advice with a grain of salt. If you are set on nano-tech or a nano-tech related career then UW is definitely an awesome choice. You would not have to 'waste' time with a 2 year foundation, so by your senior year you will have a very strong introduction into nano-tech design. Furthermore you could have up-to 2 years of research experience using co-op, if anything this could serve as an excellent way to figure out where within nano-tech industry you wish to apply yourself. oh and you would graduate with a heavier pocket (well it's weight will be less in the negative direction than if you went to UofT) ;p.
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