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Waterloo or McMaster. Software engineering. Help.

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Hey guys.

So, I've been accepted at Waterloo AND McMaster and since I'm not a Canadian resident/national/passport holder etc it's a big deal for me. I'm really excited about it and I'm really happy I got into these prestigious Universities.

The thing is, I can't decide where I should go. I've been through most of the topics regarding this particular issue but I didn't come across anything definitive. Or anything that would put the issue to bed for me.

So I was hoping you guys could really help me out here?

A bit more detail about my 'case':
I've been accepted to Software engineering at both the Unis. Co-op at both.
I've applied for residence at both. And so far McMaster has offered me a single/separate room because of my admission average. This is a definite plus for me.
I'm almost done with my A levels and I'm confident I can get good enough grades to secure admission at both.

Since I'll be living in residence, the campus is a huge deal for me. Especially the sports facilities since I'm a pretty decent football(soccer) and volleyball player and I'll be hoping to continue both at my Uni. The city/locale the campus is located in is of interest to me as well.
The faculty or teaching staff for my program is extremely important as well.

Also, since I've applied through the OUACs international applicant form, I can only apparently accept one University. What's up with that? -_-
So since Waterloo just sent me my acceptance on the OUAC a few days ago, I had already accepted McMaster. Because their deadline was approaching and I'd heard nothing from Waterloo. So I believe I can definitely go to McMaster right now. All I have to do is pay the deposit to secure my residence room and then get sufficient grades in my finals.
So if I decide I'd rather go to Waterloo(depending on the types of responses I get), what am I going to do then?

So keeping all this in mind, I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out a bit.
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