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Waterloo or U of T Computer Science?

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I'm having trouble trying to decide whether to go to Waterloo or of U of T for computer science.

Which is better? And is Waterloo co-op better than U of T PEY?

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Well it really depends for everyone. Waterloo is a lot more well known as a CS school, UofT is known for grad stuff, engineering, life-sci and being well funded.

In terms of coop vs. PEY - the only real advantage of PEY is that you work for a longer duration but you can do that at waterloo too. theres quite a few companies that offer 8 month work terms, and CS is very flexible if you want to change around your coop/school term sequencing. plus with coop, you can try out 6 different jobs.

waterloo has a huge database of jobs - ESPECIALLY for Cs students - even for those with little experience.

yes there is bias in this post, take it as an opinion and find a UofT student to talk to.
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One of the proff at UTSG gave a lecture about the difference between UW and UTSG.
Really comes down to if you like math (goto UW) and if you want PEY or Co-Op.
Other than that, they're pretty much the same thing.
UW has a higher reputation in CS in North America compared to UTSG where the reputation comes from it's engineering faculty and post graduate programs and research.
Didn't want to write an essay for you, just straight up facts.
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