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Waterloo or U of T Physics?

A photo of KevinAxion KevinAxion
Waterloo and the University of Toronto are very interesting and well-known places of study for Physics. But both universities have their advantages and drawbacks:
Waterloo: Advantages
- Near the Perimeter Institute, Institute for Quantum Computing, and the Quantum Nano Centre.
- Small University, small classes (get to know professors, higher chance for research opportunities)
- Interesting programs (Mathematical Physics - still unsure about admission averages)
- Renowned in Canada at least

- Not renowned internationally
- May not be able to take upper-year courses/grad courses
- The campus is rather unaesthetic but they are beginning to build more pleasant buildings.

U of T Advantages:
- Renowned internationally and nationally
- Ability to take upper year courses/grad courses
- Beautiful buildings
- Interesting programs (Mathematics and Physics Specialist - still unsure about admission averages)

- Extremely large classes and university
- The marks are bell curved dramatically
- Difficulty in maintaining high GPA
- Difficult to get research opportunities

Anyways if anyone has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.
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A photo of V21Jays V21Jays
I'd honestly go with Waterloo. It may not be as famous internationally, but it is well-renowned in Canada, especially for physics. If you're interested in what Perimeter does, I'd definitely choose Waterloo, as they're very closely linked; they even have a joint master's program which I'm considering in a few years.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
To quote a famous current UW student (who shall not be named), "UT is a research university. UW is a technical school."
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A photo of AshleyLynne AshleyLynne
I got an early acceptance into waterloo for mathematical physics so admissions are high 70s to low 80s. Also waterloo along with the university of guelph actually work with the perimeter institute, UofT does really have the connections or as good of coop opportunities for physics students. Definitely go with Waterloo!:bounce:
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