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Waterloo or U of Toronto for science??? HELP!

A photo of funkylasse funkylasse
i want to move out but it's expensive. So i'm considering U of T now! Any opinions? Both unis have good science programs so it all comes down to whether or not it's worth the money to move out :) Advice?
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A photo of danny6514 danny6514
I would say UT. Waterloo isn't really known for Science at all. The only (but quite significant) reason to go to Waterloo would be for co-op. If you're not planning to go into co-op, then UT for sure.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Also depends on your future plans.
Are you planning to go to med school?
If you are, I don't know if UTSG will be a good option for you - if that's the campus you applied for.
I've been hearing about how hard it is to maintain a high GPA at UTSG, definitely will be a challenge to keep a 3.8+ for med school, but if you're up for a challenge...
Like the above poster said, Waterloo is mostly known for engineering & math, not really much about the sciences. But to make up for it, they do have an amazing co-op program.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
You will have a lot of research opportunities at UofT which, for any student pursuing science, is a huge plus.
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