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Waterloo President's Scholarship

A photo of durres durres
Hi everyone,

I was just looking for some clarification. I was awarded the Waterloo President's scholarship which requires a 90% of my top 6. I had this 90% in my May marks. I was just wondering If i drop my average below 90% but still above 85%, do I still keep the same scholarship or does it drop to the Merit scholarship??

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A photo of g93 g93
It would appear as if you keep the President's scholarship.
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A photo of chris24 chris24
Yep - as long as you meet your admission conditions (for CS, it's 77% for top 6, 75% for required courses), the scholarship they've awarded you is the MINIMUM scholarship you'll receive. If you do < 90%, you'll still get the president's scholarship if your offer included it. A guy who works in UW admissions wrote a comment on the Facebook group the other day confirming this.
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