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Waterloo, Queen's, What else?

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I've applied for Engineering at Queen's and Mechatronics Engineering at Waterloo, but I really should apply for more. I have no clue where else to apply though, no other university interests me as much as Queen's and Waterloo. I feel confident with my marks (Math 30: 96%, AP Calculus AB: 100% [5 on the exam], Chem 30: 91%, Physics: 80% and haven't finished English 30-1 AP yet, expecting at least 85%.) so I'm okay applying anywhere, but I just can't think of any more universities that really catch my eye. I've thought about UofT, but I really don't like how incredibly huge it is. I went to a junior high school with 13 kids per grade, so large schools really intimidate me.

Where else in Canada has a reputable engineering program that I could apply to? I don't really care where in Canada it is, I'll go pretty much anywhere.
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McGill...but McGill's a pretty big school too :P
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I think university is a big scary place for all of us. Usually the schools with a rep are the largest and also the most competitive :)
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queens and waterloo really arent that small if your really looking for small university look at places like guelph. Westerns ivey program is pretty impressive as well although western is a pretty large school. What you have to realize though, regardless of where you go, (usually) at one point or another you'll be sitting in a lecture hall with a lot of people. Also the whole thing about rep can be over hyped. Once you have your P.Eng designation (after two years or so of work) your experience, interview skills, and ability to sell yourself are what count. Just keep that in mind in case you really want to go to a small uni. IMO co-op is vital so make sure you go somewhere with co-op.
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