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Waterloo Residence - (Math/CA,) St. Jeromes or Village 1

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I am considering Village 1 because of the living-learning communities, if I get into math/ca i heard that living learning communities help a lot.
however, at st. jeromes university i get smaller classes and the residence seems cozy which is something i like.

i'm not sure which one to choose...
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A photo of tuzzer tuzzer
I personally don't think the Living Learning Community thing matters. There's actually nothing stopping to participate in those events by walking 10 minutes to V1.

It depends on your personality. If you like to live on your own and have some privacy, V1 does that with single rooms.
St. Jerome is a college residence. I found the community sense in college residences are much stronger. One thing that contribute to this is that you have set meal times and everyone will actually get to meet each other. But then that could also be inconvenient as you have to come back to the residence for your three meals or you lose it.
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