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WATERLOO: Residence Community Ranking Form

A photo of kaytotz kaytotz
So, I've just submitted my residence form and deposit.

Here's how I ranked them:
1. Waterloo Residences
2. St. Paul's (just because it has the environment LLCs)
3, 4. The rest :tongue:

If all goes well then:
1. REV
2. V1
3. UW Place
4. MKV
5. CLV

How's everyone else ranking them?
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2 replies
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I ranked the communities the same, I really hope I get into the Waterloo residences though.

And then for the residences I'm really hoping for MKV, it just looked so great and it's right in the middle of V1 and REV which is where I hear all the parties are.
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A photo of Kirenne Kirenne
MKV was my first choice... most people don't get in. :P
All of the residences have good and bad though, and you'll end up loving any residence you stay in (as long as you go in with an open mind, that's important!)
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