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A photo of canasian519 canasian519
Can anyone please tell me a little bit more about the residences REV (Ron Eydt Village) and V1 (Village 1)? Have you ever visited them and what did you think of each? I'm only considering those two because of finances (and I wouldn't cook much anyways). So far I am leaning toward a single room in V1 because I value privacy and have had a bad roommate experience before. I'll be taking tours on You @ Waterloo Day, but I wanted to start thinking about it soon. Any input is appreciated, thank-you.

Oh and if anyone can find videos for the residences (not the "Traditional Style Residence" one made by UW on youtube), I would appreciate it, thanks!
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A photo of greygoose greygoose

@canasian519 wrote
I'm only considering those two because of finances

You are aware that living in V1 and REV is significantly more expensive than, say, UWP because of the meal plan, right? You don't have to cook, even if you're in a suite-style residence.
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A photo of AdJan AdJan
In the end, some suite style residences will end up cheaper than traditional residences because of the meal plan.

However to answer your question;

REV - before visiting Waterloo I was gonna choose REV simply because I heard it was more lively and exciting compared to other residences. When I visited, I felt that REV had a strange feeling more than comforting, rooms/building was far and a bit run down. I didn't feel I'd blend in well at REV.

V1 - by far V1 has the sketchiest looking building out of all of them, all weird separated and detached from the outside. However, inside everything seemed newly renovated and nice and vibrant. I especially like the interconnecting rooms at V1 that REV doesn't have (it gives the experience of a double room, with a little more privacy), my parents were whining how the rooms were small though. I especially liked the central lounge/centre of V1 that made it feel fun and welcoming.

From what I was told by the former student doing the tour, REV only double rooms.
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A photo of adv4ntag3 adv4ntag3
i just finished my first year living in REV so i guess i can tell u a bit about it. only double rooms (though u could still end up without a roommate especially if they fail first semester), its a great way to meet new friends; sharing a washroom isn't that big of a deal, usually there won't be any conflicting shower times (only happened once to me); the cafe is spacious, but yes the food sucks compared to home cooked meals.

still better than living in a suite style though i find...ppl in suite styles have no reason to leave their suites so chances are ur not going to be very close with ur neighbours.
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