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waterloo rez: UWP vs. V1

A photo of szeto93 szeto93
hey there im a first year Environment and Business student...
i was wondering which rez (UWP or V1) is better for me...
i like suite style cuz u can cook and stuff and its more convenient...but i been hearing V1 has a better social scene n its much closer to campus anyways..

sooooo from experience, which rez u'd prefer in terms of convienience????


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A photo of greygoose greygoose
In terms of convenience, UWP wins. Closer to buses, closer to the University Plaza. Maybe slightly less close to your faculty buildings, but that's all of two minutes walking.

In terms of social life for Environment, a significant number of your peers will be living in the LLC at St. Paul's. V1 is closer to there, but I'm not sure that would help much :P
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A photo of Kirenne Kirenne
Most likely your classes will be in a lot of different buildings (just because it's classified as an environment or arts building doesn't mean all the classes there are related to those subjects! I had history in the Math & Computer Science building first year) so it's really hard to say which is more convenient.

I really recommend posting on the Official Waterloo Residence Forum (here: http://forum.housing.uwaterloo.ca/index.php ) since there are actual housing staff on the forum to help you out with any more questions you may have, as well as a ton of incoming first years like yourself.
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
You've basically outlined the pros/cons of suite vs traditional.

It's your choice.
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