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Waterloo School life/Student life

A photo of Azn66 Azn66
As most of you here applied to waterloo, I want to ask, how's the student/school life in general? I've heard good comments as well as negative comments about the university. Anyone mind telling me how it is and stuff, such as clubs, intramurals, sports teams, study groups, etc.

Thanks guys!!
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
AS for clubs, intramurals, sports teams, study groups, it's all good. I visited and have friends there so I can tell you from what I've seen/heard.

As for student life in general, like having the full university experience, imo its crap. Best parties will be keggers, and this only applies if you're a guy, but the girls for the most part are ugly.

Just sayin'. It depends on your values really though when choosing your school.
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