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Waterloo Software Engineering courses

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The schedule for SE specified which courses I had to take during my 5 years of university..

1) Do I absolutely HAVE to take those courses? Is that like my timetable for university?
2) Am I responsible to take any other courses other than those 6 in my first year? If not, do my "optional" classes go in the category "electives" that I get in my second year?
3) Do I need any english courses? or social science courses? (I thought you had to take at least one of those in your first year)
4) What does C, T, and L stand for in the table on the website(above)? (I thought C was for credits, but I have no idea what the other two stand for)

Thankyou :)

ps. Is anyone else going for SE in Waterloo this year? Which residence will you be staying at?
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Check their undergraduate calendar. If you only find answers to most of your questions, ask here again.
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