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What's the workload like? Do averages drop by a significant amount during first year? How much extra help is provided?

Thanks in advance :)
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I'm not a softie, but I can provide a little information...

Workload is heavy. Way heavier than high school. Engineering workloads in particular, which are of reasonable difficulty but enormous volume. You're in class 8 hours a day and have a ton of work outside that. Lucky for you, you do have labs where you can get things done. But it's heavy. I'd expect at least 50 hours a week coming in, but likely more.

Averages in all programs drop by a lot in the first year--the math faculty I'll quote on, at minimum, a 10% drop in grades. It's not much to worry about.

Help is as you look for it. Profs have office hours, there are tutorials and labs, and even TAs and your classmates and upper year friends can help you. But the onus is on you--you need to seek out the help. People don't provide it unprompted. Never be afraid to go to office hours and ask profs questions!

Hope that helps a little.
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