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Waterloo still possible ?

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Hi guys, I'm put myself in a pretty terrible situation I would like to be accepted into waterloo's life science program however my marks aren't up to par right now. :(

Right Now my chemistry and adv func marks are below 70. But after exams I will hopefully have a 70% flat in adv func. However thats impossible for chemistry :(

My question is that after 1st semester my average will most likely be 78-80% and next semester I can hopefully bring my overall average to 82-85% I would like to know even if I do not put my chemistry mark in my top 6 will they still look at it ? How will it impact my acceptance chances considering I'll have the other 2 sciences within my top 6.

Last question, how does the AIF for waterloo impact life sciences ? Does it add upon your average ?

Thank you :)
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