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Waterloo Systems Design Engineering

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Have you applied/been-admitted or are currently attending this program? I am currently deciding whether to accept my offer for this program; I really value the "large picture" approach systems gives to engineering projects but I still have some qualms with the program. It seems to me that the focus of systems design is on very "practical" engineering applications like for example assembly line optimization, this is not the reason I am interested in engineering. The engineering I am interested in lies in the cross between science and engineering, ex. neural engineering (biomedical), aerospace, etc... Long question short, by taking systems will I be at a disadvantage in pursuing research intensive careers due to the "practical" focus of this program.
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I know a couple people in Systems - from what I see at least from their coop jobs, theyre similar to software engineers meaning they'll work for tech companies and be developers etc ... except there is less math and less code-y and more problem solving based.
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