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Waterloo TOEFL, even after i got admitted?

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I've been accepted to Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science at waterloo. Is it true that i have to write an english/literacy test during frosh week?

What happens if i do bad on it?

I got 97 in english btw, i had it first semester.
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yeh i heard the same thing, if someone could please answer this :(
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ELPE. English Language Proficiency Exam. Need to pass to continue after first year and to graduate.

High school English marks don't matter. Everyone writes it regardless of faculty. Just know your basic essay structures and make sure you spell check and grammar check. Very straight forward.

I personally wrote it during Student Life 101 in the summer of 2011. Engineering students WILL write it during frosh week.

Please write it seriously. It's like writing an essay in Grade 9, but please THEY WILL MARK HARD. Many people with 90+ in English for high school will easily get under 65%. I was lucky in getting a 60. Many others failed, conditionally passed, etc.

Don't worry too much about this. If you fail you get a second chance sometime else. Fail again and you have to take a mandatory course. If you have a conditional pass then you have to meet with someone who will review your essay with you. Just for attending you pass.

Hope I helped!
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In case you're out of the country or something, please read this as well:


I actually got confused when you used TOEFL in your topic, so I hope my description with ELPE was valid.
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